November, 2021


The landscape requires time and patience to cultivate and actualize.  Container gardening provides a faster, portable, and versatile alternative to fixed installations.  Decorative planters add immediate color and texture to the outdoor space.  Mostly, they draw the eye, creating aesthetic interest with seasonal and holiday-inspired displays Planters benefit everyone, from homeowners and business owners, to neighborhoods and communities.  As a living micro-environment with interacting organic and inorganic elements, growing success is bolstered with professional consultation from a landscape designer.  In some cases, designers offer to procure specialty planters and containers that increase uniqueness and artistry, while decreasing maintenance needs.  From novice gardeners to advanced horticulturalists in need of some pizazz in the outdoor space; think about planters.        


October, 2021


Complete with sweater weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice; fall is here.  Spying color in the leaves overhead is the most obvious indicator, and yet the entire landscape is rife with transition.  The grand finale of the growing season is also observable in plants and specimens that express themselves in the understory.   Look for these spectacular autumn plants while out in nature or consider adding them to the landscape to bring a pop of color and fall interest.   

September, 2021


Professionals in many fields implement a standard design process to approach problems and develop solutions.  Scientists, engineers, architects, and designers break projects down into organized phases with working steps.  This is especially helpful for projects with many creative and interacting elements, like landscape design.  Landscape designers work the design process into their business model.  They guide clients through each step of the design process to develop expert landscape solutions.  Nevertheless, when hiring a landscape designer clients may find themselves wondering what to expect.  What exactly is the landscape design process?                  

August, 2021


As online appointments and meetings are a continued need; we are experiencing different ways of procuring services and doing business to ensure public health and safety.  Online landscape design consultation provides a safe and socially distanced space to meet with a professional and start the design process.  Follow these expert tips to get the most out of an online meeting with a landscape designer.        

July, 2021


The need for solid landscape solutions goes hand in hand with owning property.  From homeowners and HOAs, to the owners of commercial centers and public plazas, everyone has multiple decisions to make concerning their outdoor space.  The best planning and most efficient solutions occur when the property owner forms a collaborative relationship with a landscape designer.  Landscape designers transform conceptual ideas into functional visual plans.  But what type of plan is right for the client, project, and budget?  This article provides a breakdown of the types of graphics and plans that designers offer, from simple sketches to immersive 3D models of the landscape.         

May, 2021


As spring reaches its peak, the plants around us begin to signal that another change is near.  Summer is coming.  These late spring and early summer plants welcome the season, and in some cases, bloom well into the hot weather months.  Look for these plants while walking in nature or consider incorporating them into the landscape to increase seasonal color and interest.                   

April, 2021 


HOAs strive to balance form, function, and budget to retain and increase property value.  The landscape and up-keep of the grounds directly affect this metric.  A well-designed and properly maintained landscape benefits the community overall.  Follow these design basics and consider consultation with a landscape designer to improve the HOA community aesthetic and create a sustainable maintenance plan.            


With a little research, the internet makes do-it-yourself home and garden projects accessible to everyone.  When DIY landscape projects go well, they are empowering, satisfying, and financially beneficial.  We save money while utilizing the skills we have or acquiring new ones.    On the other hand, when DIY landscape projects take a turn, they end up creating risks, causing damage, and costing more money in the long run.  The best way to reduce losses and ensure success with DIY landscaping is to consult with a design professional.   

March, 2021 

11x17 eagleview stage area shade sail st

When improving or enhancing an outdoor space, it is essential to provide protection from the elements.  Shade and shelter increase the use and function of commercial and residential outdoor spaces.  When looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to provide structure or increase privacy, consider shade sails.   

AdobeStock_268964713 (1).jpeg

As the snow and ice finally begin to melt, the birds begin singing louder, buds begin breaking, and signs of new life offer mindful engagement in the natural environment all around us.  It's not spring just yet, but there are signs that it's on the way.  Keep an eye out for these early spring plants.  These classics are the indication that spring has sprung.     

February, 2021 


Successful designs start with a plan.  Is what we are imagining cost-effective; will it add value; is it sustainable?  Just as an architect is needed to create the drawings and schematics of a building, a landscape designer is needed to create the plans that inform the construction of outdoor spaces.  Commercial or residential; big or small, every landscape project benefits from the consultation and planning of working with a landscape designer.    


Many in-person services have moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Online landscape design services offer a 100% remote and socially distanced design process.  The health, safety and well-being of our clients is of the utmost priority.