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Nate Dodge

Landscape Designer

Nate Dodge is the owner of ND Design Services Inc.  As a landscape designer, his mission is to translate design ideas through refined graphics and visual representation.  Creating artistic and photo-realistic renderings, he aids in the visualization of site enhancements.  Nate works with clients to fulfill design inquiries and requests, to provide consultation and innovation, and to develop solid solutions in the planning and pre-construction phases of development.  His value is that each project and design create a sense of well-being, purpose and a connection to the landscape.

Nate's own connection to the landscape began in the '90s when he started a small neighborhood mowing and maintenance operation.  His care for plants and work with the land led him to West Virginia University, where he earned a dual degree in Landscape Architecture and Geography, with a focus in Urban Planning & Regional Development, in 2005.  Afterward, he gained hands-on experience working for an artisan residential design-build contractor, and later a commercial landscape maintenance company.  Nate credits his field experience with refining and enhancing his practical design skills.  He offers a unique perspective as he has experienced the direct relationship between landscape design and construction.         

For the past 10 years Nate has offered landscape design services and graphics subcontracting to clients across the country, leading him to establish ND Design Services in 2019.  During his professional practice, he has worked with architects, landscape architects, city planners, property managers, contractors and homeowners.  He has provided designs and solutions for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.  


Fun facts about Nate: 

Nate is an avid traveler, foodie, dog-lover and boarder.  He loves skateboarding, longboarding, skimboarding and snowboarding. 


His artistic endeavors include touring with his band, songwriting, music production, singing, and playing both bass and guitar.  Touring and travel have exposed him to many different landscapes and plant palettes, from which he gathers inspiration.  


He spends a moment of mindfulness each day walking and identifying plants.

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