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Why Choose ND Design Services?

The improvement and refinement of any space starts with a vision.  In the enhancement of outdoor spaces, interacting organic elements present many unique opportunities and challenges that require vision in addition to expertise and experience.  The first step to a successful outdoor landscape construction project is choosing to work with a landscape designer.        

Landscape designers guide clients through the design process, helping them to visualize the outcome of the time and investment in their landscape project.  Before ground breaks and construction begins, ND Design Services promotes successful landscape projects through:    

  • Proper plant selection and placement 

  • Functional and aesthetic site designs

  •  Maintenance and efficiency assessments

  • Creative concepts and solutions

  • Client-focused consultancy and advocacy

  • Refined visual representation, including graphics and artistic renderings  



Who is ND Design Services?

Founded by landscape designer, Nate Dodge, ND Design Services is a multi-media design office that focuses on the refinement of outdoor spaces.  Clients find it advantageous to work with a landscape designer who draws solutions from both professional practice and field experience.  ND Design balances creativity with practicality.  Stay on-track and on-budget, work with a property's opportunities and constraints, and attain the design concept that works best for the proposed landscape project.  

ND Design Services' overall mission is to create a connection to the landscape by increasing aesthetic value, enhancing well-being,  improving function and working with the land to decrease disruption.  From smaller residential outdoor living areas, to large courtyards, shared spaces and commercial properties, ND Design creates stunning concepts for landscape development and re-development.   

What Services does ND Design Offer?

Services include:

  • Landscape Design- welcoming requests for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal designs 

  • Graphics & Renderings- specializing in photo-realism and 3D model animations

  • Creative Solutions- focusing on maintenance, longevity and eco-friendly designs

  • Consulting- offering landscape and design consultancy in addition to graphics subcontracting



Visit the SERVICES page to learn more.     

Who Works with ND Design Services? 

ND Design Services works with individuals and industry professionals, including:

  • Property Owners/ Homeowners

  • Realty/ Property Management Companies

  • HOA/ Community Organizations

  • Design-Build Companies

  • Landscape Maintenance Contractors

  • Residential & Commercial General Contractors

  • Landscape Architects

  • Engineering & Architecture Firms

  • Land Developers

  • Land Planning Commissions (Local & Regional)

ND Design Services offers landscape design solutions, graphics and consulting services to local, regional and national clients.  Technology makes remote consultancy possible regardless of proximity.  Ask about virtual meetings and online assessments. 


Call or email to receive a quote.


Visit the online Schedule to book an appointment  


Promote a successful landscape construction project with refined visual representation from ND Design Services. 


Start the Design Process! 

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